Relocating to Dallas
The 120 plus page Relocating to Dallas guide is the premier tool to help HR professionals to inform new employees and their families that are relocating to Dallas about their new city.

With up to date information, breath taking photography and corresponding website with coupons and application this book will answer your questions and concerns of your prized recruits.

Below is a sample of chapters and information included in the guide as well as links to order books and other products to help you to reach your goals and inform your out of town buyers.
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You’ve just received exciting news. Along with your new job title, you’re being relocated to Dallas! After the excitement subsides, your next action step is to become proactive in the relocation process in order to plan for an orderly transition – for you and your family. This doesn’t mean you ... more »
Plugging Into the Dallas/Fort Worth Job Market Your spouse has just been offered a promotion that requires relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth region. This is a wonderful opportunity for your family; however, it does pose a certain dilemma for you. You are now the “trailing spouse,” the person who follows ... more »
As a newcomer to the Dallas-Fort Worth region, you may already be familiar with mortgage loan process. Even so, it’s helpful to review all the steps involved as well as region-specific resources and conditions that make buying a home here a pretty rewarding experience. With thousands of neighborhoods in the ... more »
If you’re relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you may not be ready to purchase another home. In that case, renting or leasing may be the perfect solution. In the area, you’ll find an abundant supply sure to match your preferences. Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a townhome, a ... more »
The Dallas-Fort Worth region continues to be a popular retirement destination because it offers a variety of amenities including the ease of living, temperate, year-round weather, access to quality health care, educational facilities, plenty of park space and availability to enjoy arts and leisure. That’s not all – there are ... more »
Now that you’re relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it might be time to consider building a custom home. One good reason is that you can build a larger house with many extras at an affordable cost, particularly compared to building costs on either coast. A regional advantage is that ... more »
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