Relocating to Dallas
The 120 plus page Relocating to Dallas guide is the premier tool to help HR professionals to inform new employees and their families that are relocating to Dallas about their new city.

With up to date information, breath taking photography and corresponding website with coupons and application this book will answer your questions and concerns of your prized recruits.

Below is a sample of chapters and information included in the guide as well as links to order books and other products to help you to reach your goals and inform your out of town buyers.
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It’s been a hectic week as you learned of your hard-earned promotion along with the offer of a new position in the Dallas-Fort Worth office. You’re excited about the opportunity but also anxious about your family’s reaction and the tumult that moving can bring. What you’re experiencing is normal and ... more »
You’ve just received exciting news. Along with your new job title, you’re being relocated to Dallas! After the excitement subsides, your next action step is to become proactive in the relocation process in order to plan for an orderly transition – for you and your family. This doesn’t mean you ... more »
One of the highest priorities for relocating families is locating a new school for their children and providing a smooth transition so that learning can continue and new friends can be formed. This chapter will provide a good overview to learn more about the many educational resources available in the ... more »
Plugging Into the Dallas/Fort Worth Job Market Your spouse has just been offered a promotion that requires relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth region. This is a wonderful opportunity for your family; however, it does pose a certain dilemma for you. You are now the “trailing spouse,” the person who follows ... more »
Now that you’re relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it might be time to consider building a custom home. One good reason is that you can build a larger house with many extras at an affordable cost, particularly compared to building costs on either coast. A regional advantage is that ... more »
The vast chunk of territory in and around Dallas/Fort Worth is comprised of 200 cities and 12 counties, and is commonly called the Metroplex. The Metroplex can be intimidating to newcomers when faced with the choice of selecting a place to call home because of the sheer options available. It ... more »
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