Relocating to Las Vegas
The 130 plus page Relocating to Las Vegas guide is the premier tool to help HR professionals to inform new employees and their families that are relocating to Las Vegas about their new city.

With up to date information, breath taking photography and corresponding website with coupons and application this book will answer your questions and concerns of your prized recruits.

Below is a sample of chapters and information included in the guide as well as links to order books and other products to help you to reach your goals and inform your out of town buyers.
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How to Find the Right Child-Care Facility One of the most important decisions parents can make is selecting the most appropriate care solution for their young children, especially if both parents want to or have to work. Families relocating to Las Vegas will be pleased to know about the many choices ... more »
World-Class Offerings to Explore For serious foodies and shoppers, there is no doubt that Las Vegas provides a total experience. Both activities developed in the city as a natural outgrowth of its success as the entertainment capital of the world. Every luxury hotel offers first-class restaurants as well as a range ... more »
Enjoying the Las Vegas Valley’s Unique Location The city’s nightlife and legendary status as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” are well recognized. While that is a major draw for visitors, residents note other factors that set this region apart, mainly access to a great quality of life expressed through recreation ... more »
Learning Resources for the Entire Family One of the highest priorities for relocating families is finding a new school for their children and providing a smooth transition so learning can continue and new friendships can be formed. This chapter will provide an overview for learning more about the educational resources available ... more »
Your Toolkit to Prepare for Home Ownership For the first time in many years, it’s a great opportunity for newcomers to buy a home in the Las Vegas area, especially for families moving from either coast. As of August 2011, the median single-family home price was $120,000, according to the Greater ... more »
Staying Organized Before The Move You’ve just received exciting news. Along with your new job title, you’re being relocated to Las Vegas! After the excitement subsides, your next action step is to become proactive in the relocation process to plan for an orderly transition for you and your family. This doesn’t ... more »
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